Our Mission

To honour God, to grow spiritually and to love others sacrificially in order to make disciples as Jesus commanded us.


Our Vision

To see the individuals at Generations visibly growing in spiritual maturity and to see our congregation growing in numbers as the Spirit brings new people to faith in Christ.


Our Goal

For at least five individuals to come to Christ and join our congregation each year.


Our Values

(Our unique approach to fulfilling our mission,vision and Goal)                                                                                                                            


We value the diversity and beauty that young and old bring to our congregation.

Contemporary Worship

We value music that is contemporary and a worship style that is flexible and engaging.


We value healthy relationships that are undergirded by truth, love, accountability, forgiveness and acceptance.

Servant Leadership

We value the example of Jesus in leadership who led as a humble servant and washed his disciple’s feet.

Our Rural Location

We value our location in the country.  We are committed to living out our mission within the rural community surrounding us including the village of Wellesley.

Men & Women in Ministry

We value the equality of men and women in all areas of church ministry.


We value praying for all things through Jesus Christ.  We believe that prayer changes things – not only those who pray but the world we pray for.


Our Strategy

(Our ongoing plans for fulfilling our Mission, Vision and Goal)


1) Worship Service “to honour God”

We will conduct our Sunday morning services in such a way that they will have a primary focus on worship, prayer and teaching and a secondary focus on fellowship and outreach.

  • Sunday Service (including AppleSeeds and He-Brews Café)

2) Small Groups “to grow spiritually”

We will organize small groups for mutual discipleship and support.  We will make them safe places for all of us to share our questions & weaknesses.  They will be places of healing and spiritual growth.  As groups grow in numbers new groups will be added.

  • Wednesday Home Group

  • Tuesday Home Group

  • Men’s & Women’s events

  • Youth Group

3) Outreach & Community Partnerships “to love others sacrificially”

Outreach: We will reach out in word and deed to people in our natural spheres of relationship as well as to those who live in proximity to our church facility.

  • Guest (Potluck) Sundays

  • Alpha Course (Fall)

  • Wellesley Garage Sale (June)

  • Santa Claus Parade Float

Partnerships: We will work with sister churches and partner with charities and other groups in our community to achieve our Mission and Vision.

  • Wellesley Food Cupboard

  • Wellesley Ministerial

  • Saugeen Reserve


Generations has a partnership with Vision Ministries Canada.

 Vision Ministries